Join a groundbreaking brain health study

Advance science and learn about your self. It'll take less than an hour of your time.
Researchers at Miro Health and Johns Hopkins have teamed up to better understand how lifestyle changes affect our brains and to investigate long-term effects of COVID on post-infection survivors.
Your participation may help researchers to better understand brain health. At the conclusion of the study, you will receive non-medical information on your brain function as well as study findings and publications made possible by your participation. At the end of the study, Miro Health may also release the results of your assessment to your physician upon your request.
To participate, you must submit a valid email. No other personally identifiable information will be
gathered at this time.
  1. Answer online questions

    • Click the link below to go to the study's website and enter your email address. (2 mins)
    • Check your email for a link to study registration. (2 mins)
    • Answer a few questions about your health. (15 mins)
    ~ Download the Miro Health app from the iTunes store ~

  2. Open the app and complete Miro's interactive tasks (30 mins)

Study duration will depend on the development of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Advisory: Should you feel that you have symptoms related to COVID-19, contact your healthcare provider or local community health office. Miro Health cannot provide healthcare assistance.
Eligibility requirements
  • 18 years of age or older
  • English language fluency
  • Participation requirements
  • Access to wifi and an iPad or iPhone
  • A quiet place to spend one hour