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The brain is our most vital organ.
We help you treat it that way.
Science requires courage
At Miro Health, we believe that integrity,
transparency, and peer review are r
equirements for scientific innovation. We
also believe that to go far, we must go
together. In collaboration with leading
researchers and their patients, Miro
Health has crafted a novel neurological
healthcare platform to help expand and
improve clinical care and accelerate
scientific discovery.

Study results confirm that our approach
works. Miro's platform already
outperforms clinical assessment. We
reliably scale gold-standard neurological
care beyond clinic walls to serve all who
need it. Our home-bound, our rural
friends, our uninsured, our un-referred.
We support the discovery of neurological
and psychiatric phenotypes through the
use of our over 500 clinically-relevant
variables extracted from language,
speech, movement, emotion, and
cognitive measurements. And we’re just
getting started.

Based on the demand for our tools and
services, we are confident that
accelerating the growth of Miro’s
technologies and science will accelerate
therapeutic discovery. To challenge
ourselves to go farther faster, while
abiding our commitment to scientific
integrity and collaboration, we’ve chosen
to display performance statistics from
Miro-sponsored studies continually on
our website as new results roll in.

As with any endeavor, we will have
successes and failures. We share them
openly. Welcome to our journey.
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